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Packaging pre-press – professional from design to production + + + folding boxes + + + package inserts + + + labels + + + slides + + + and much more

About us

Secure transport case, three-dimensional communication medium and friendly brand ambassador all at the same time – every package is multi-talented. We have made it our mission to combine these functions to make one small work of art. From concept to design to the preliminary stage of top-notch production.


What drives us: For us, every order is an exciting challenge to create not only functional packaging but packaging that is attractive and nice to the touch - packaging that people will reach for on the shelf again and again. To achieve this goal for you, we pull out all the stops available to us in this digital age when it comes to developing and implementing a top quality packaging design geared towards the appropriate target market. Working with us means you have access to the perfect combination of long-standing knowledge of the market and the fresh design ideas of a young, creative team.

Our services

We don’t have standardised solutions. Curiosity, an open mind and the desire to amaze you – that is our starting point for every new job. Creative, professional and outstanding craftsmanship: That’s what we mean by service.

Know-how and experience

The good feeling of knowing we have thought of everything – that’s why people come to us.

More on know-how and experience

Team spirit and synergy

Long-standing knowledge of the market and the fresh ideas of a creative team: That’s what moves you forward.

More on team spirit and synergy

Process management

Full service means: We have everything under control from the outset, down to the smallest detail.

More on process management

Customers that trust us:

We serve both domestic and international customers, mainly in the pharmaceuticals industry and in the field of household cleaners with their variety of tasks in digital packaging creation, foreign-language typesetting and print data creation in keeping with international standards.

We cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers and support them when implementing their products on the market.

The challenge here is to deal with corporate designs, guidelines, technical / regulatory requirements and the merging of a wide variety of information to come up with a functioning end product. Global communication poses no barrier for us!

To respect confidentiality we cannot give greater detail about our customer base here.

Our team

Behind all of our services is a young team consisting of 14 members who complement each other perfectly, combining creative energy with technical expertise. The goal is always to use concrete design wishes to develop original concepts and execute them to technical perfection. Our copy-editing team is there to keep a watchful eye on the high-volume production of the packaging, ensuring that both style and content are as they should be.

Bernhard Knecht

Managing Director

+49 (0) 6725 3014 26 bknecht@pack-to-edit.de

Karl-Heinz Klemens

Managing Director

+49 (0) 6725 3014 17 khklemens@pack-to-edit.de

Katja Gräff

Head of Administration

+49 (0) 6725 3014 50 k.graeff@pack-to-edit.de

Oliver Klein

Head of Production

+49 (0) 6725 3014 53 o.klein@pack-to-edit.de

Isabel Räderscheidt & Vanessa Dörr

Artwork & Layout

Christiana Kranz & Florian Kehrer

Artwork & Layout

Silke Kaiser & Christel Hellmeister

Accounting & Administration

Manfred Blum & Sven Roos


Jeannine Rausch

Artwork & Layout

Patrick Dotterweich

Artwork & Layout

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